Laura POS Software

Laura is a robust, yet user-friendly checkout system that serves retail environments of all sizes and capacities.


Laura is Now Multilingual

The Laura POS System is adaptive to some of world’s most spoken languages. Current availability includes: English, German, Russian, and Hungarian. Other languages can be easily translated to ensure a global reach of the platform.

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More Than a cash POS Software

The Laurel POS solution was designed to optimize the checkout zone and cashier performance. Our customers may achieve as much as 20-30% performance improvement after implementation.

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Best of Industry Functionality

Years of POS System Experience.
Fiscal Certificates
Enterprise level POS Management Capabilities.
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Supervising and motivating tool at the same time

If you wish to monitor your checkouts and cashiers, Laura is the ideal solution. The receipt interruption module will show you any abuse of the rules in your retail environment. You can check exactly when and at which terminal the issue took place.

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How Laura supports the improvement of your effectiveness?

Thanks to its transparent, easy-to-understand structure – your colleagues may learn the use of the system in the blink of an eye. The user friendly interface boosts the checkout zone’s capacity, too, and the complex service background offers a quick solution to potential needs that you may not have considered.

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Laura POS System Functionality

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Multilevel Solutions

Central monitoring services

Track and manage multiple POS locations simultaneous; Change Transaction Parameters Centrally; Optional Solutions for Transaction Database Management.

Front office service

Back-office Application Interfacing; Auditing Features; Cashier Maintenance; Cash Reconciliation Functionality

Front office application

Complete Management of Sales Cycle and Processing.

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Flexibility Through Customization

The Laura POS System can be customized to meet the needs of any retail environment or multi-environment application. Examples of the diversity in Laura’s POS System include: Grocery Stores, DIY Stores, Home Furnishing Stores, Tobacco Shops, News Agencies, Fashion Retailers, and many more.

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Approval of Authority
Risk Mitigation - Fiscalization

International trading companies operating POS Systems in Hungary must first obtain the appropriate licensing to satisfy regulatory authorities. Need help? Laurel’s professional team can assist international partners in this complex area of operational management.


Why Choose Laurel?

Navigating the regulations without a partner well versed in the area can be a risky endeavor; let the professionals of Laurel consult you through the process of connecting with Hungary’s Tax Authority System for all your transactional needs.

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Risk Management and Consulting

Put our team of legal consultants, developers, and multilingual staff to work immediately to ensure compliance for your international organization.

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Risk Management Services:

01. Legal Consultation for Regulatory Compliance
02. POS Integration of Current Tax Authority Law
03. Participation in Preparing Documentation
04. Development and Testing of Compliance Programming and Updates
05. Participation and Consulting During Functional Testing (Upon Request)
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We Undertake the
Following Implementation

Verification that the checkout program meets the requirements of the Ministry for National Economy. Obtaining the official operation and marketing license for the tested system upgraded with the functionally approved developments. Representation before the official bodies during the process.

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Electronic Shelf Labeling

Shelf Labeling
Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

Electronic Shelf Labels can be designed and integrated into any environment.

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Why Switch to ESL Displays?

Replacing paper shelf labels will immediately reduce the inefficiencies of pricing and product information to the consumer. Create promotions for an entire enterprise from a central location, and have it presented in front of your customers instantly.

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Shoppers Love ESL Displays

Electronic Shelf Labels enhance the aesthetics of every retail environment they’re installed. The high quality design is complimented by a data driven strategy – unlike paper labels. Greater surface area than paper ensures you’ll effective communicate your brand and pricing to the customer with more accuracy.

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Electronic Shelf
Ticket References

Years of
Nationwide Service Network7/24 availabillity, 2/4 response time
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ESL Features and Information

Wireless Data Transfer ensures ease of installation, maintenance, and replacement. Contrast features and visibility of “e-paper” on the ESL displays competes with the resolution of printed paper. There is no need for an onsite CPU to manage the ESL displays. The ESL display only consumes energy when the screen is refreshed.

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Online cash register system

Online cash register system
Online cash register system

Enforcing tax compliance is a demanding challenge in all countries around the World.
By introducing the Online Cash Register System having all the cash registers connected to the data center of the Tax office in Hungary, we made a huge step in fighting off tax evasion in retail.
Our solution includes the latest technologies of data communication, cryptography in an embedded solution, giving a return of investment beyond all expectations.

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What makes a cash register “online”?

  • Fiscal Control Unit (FCU) has
    a cellular data modem
  • Cash register logs everything
    (sales, printouts, events, etc.)
    and send to the FCU
  • FCU uploads logs to the data center
  • Data center monitors and manages end devices
  • Device provisioning is made
    from the data center

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How this looks in practice

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Why the Hungarian model?

  • The most strict and closed system
  • An already proven system with
    REAL results
  • Based on the project success the
    head of the tax office IT presented
    the solution to the EU in 2016
  • The financial ministers of EU approved the systems unique functionality and security features

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Project participants

  • Tax Authority / Tax Office System
  • Cash Register Vendors
  • TCU manufacturers
  • Retail Software developers
  • Mobile Communication Providers
  • System Integration
  • Certification authorities

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Laurels Role is the integration

  • Experience with the already operating project
  • What we developed in years, we offer as a „ready-made technology”.
    We deliver:
    • Cash Register hardware
    • Central system and its components
    • Full competence on the parts of the developed system
  • Expertise on the government side: The Ministry of National Economics set up a committee to support the project. We also supported the work of the Tax Office, we were the only supplier side technical representative in this Committee)
  • Retail oriented Professional IT based company on technology for long years
  • Wide professional knowledgement from all participants

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Loyalty System

Loyalty System
Loyalty System

The Laurel Loyalty System is an electronic transaction service which offers trade and marketing communication solutions in the service and trade sector for partners who are participating.

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What is the Laurel
Loyalty System?

The Loyalty System also keeps customers in your stores, and expands your customer base in volume and revenue by implementing our Loyalty Card program into the system.

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Why customers
like it?

Online System
Central Operation
OR Single Use
1-2 Million
Transactions Handled Daily
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The Laurel Customer Card System

Frequent Customer Cards offer Laurel retail partners a great market research opportunity.
Consumption significantly increases in stores where customers are part of the loyalty card system.
Loyalty programs incentivize existing customers to become repeat customers.
Customer Appreciation.
Upsell opportunity to new and existing loyalty card holders.
Data Driven Promotions.
Word of Mouth Advertising from Satisfied Customers.
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Farm-to-table fresh food traceability on blockchain

TE-FOOD is a farm-to-table fresh food traceability ecosystem on blockchain, covering all logistics and food quality activities and data management of the supply chain. It provides cost effective software and identification tools to make livestock and fresh food supply information transparent.


Integrating all participants into one ecosystem

TE-FOOD is the only fresh food traceability ecosystem which integrates supply chain companies, consumers, and governments/authorities to
  • help food supply chains to work in a more transparent way,
  • comply with the import regulations of foreign countries,
  • improve brand protection against tampering,
  • mitigate the effectss of outbreaks and food frauds,
  • Setup and installations really really fast
  • improve consumer trust and brand exposure.

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Identification tools are applied to livestock, transports, and fresh food packages to follow the items throughout the whole supply chain. Fresh food products in retail can be traced back to their origins together with food safety related information.

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TE-FOOD system includes

  • Identification Tools
    (1D/2D barcodes/RFID eartags, security seals, label stickers)
  • Traceability tools
    B2B traceability administration mobile app, web app, central system, external interfaces, and reporting tools
  • Retail and consumer tools
    B2C fresh produce history insight mobile app, and web app, retail side food history digital signage tools
  • National livestock management solutions
    Livestock administration and enforcement system
  • Farm management tools
    Category specific modules (Vaccination, feeding, fertilizers, plant protection products, etc.)
  • Food safety tools
    Fraud management system, Food condition sensore quipment, Meat quality visual analysis system

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